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Green Buff Cock Best SYCC Ireland 2008 & SYCC London 2011

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Photographs attached show my bird-room with cages I am proud of. These were made my Darren’s father Brian Scullion. Measuring 22 feet by 10 feet. It is not a big room by present standards but allows me to house 60 -80 young birds annually. I normally retain 16-20 young,the rest being sold to Turkey, Uk, Belgium; Italy & with the rest being given to friends.

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Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it and find it beneficial. Look forward to hearing any comments.

“Long Threatening comes at last”. Most of my “Yorkie” friends never believed I would aspire to having a personal E-mail address yet alone a website. Well my son’s christmas gift has reversed the unbelievable. The website is not produced for my commercial reasons but rather to illustrate the pleasure & hobby that has afforded me over the years together with the friendships gleaned.

I have been breeding Yorkshire Canaries for some 50 odd years. During this period the Yorkies and the hobby of breeding them have become an integral part of my life. Retired now, they offer me excitement and contentment. During my business life they allowed me a freedom of thinking which alleviated the pressures and worries of business. I always considered that because the hobby was home. I was more available to my wife Therese, and children Ciara & Eoin than i had been say a golfer.

Awards & Notable Achievements

  • Southern Yorkshire Canary Club In Ireland Founded 1983
  • (Best in show 21 times)
  • Yorkshire Canary Club Bradford
  • Best in show 3 time.
  • Second best in show 3 times.
  • Third best in show 3 times.
  • Southern Yorkshire Show – London Best in show 5 times.
  • The National Exhibition – Birmingham
  • Best Yorkshires – 2 Times Best Canary in show – Once Bests also at Welsh YCC, Midland YCC Northern Ireland YCC


This website was created to illustrate the beauty & elegance that belongs to the Yorkshire canary.